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Hi, I’m Tall Paul, New Mexico’s funniest Family Entertainer and welcome to your weekly Vlog that gives you party tips tricks and other things to make sure you have the best event ever. Today, I’m talking with Susan Gomez of Rock Your Body Face and Body Art.

She does face painting and body art for parties and corporate events, and what else?

What other events at public events birthday parties grand openings things like that? Okay, it’s great for anything.

And what’s your target market?

I like to do children’s birthday parties and then also large corporate events, like employee appreciations or team building events things like that. It is a good thing.

So I’m sure you get a lot of frequently asked questions when people call or email you to find information. What are some of those questions?

What are your rates of course. They do ask how many I can how many kids I can paint in an hour or you know in the time that they have allotted. They do ask about my set up a little bit but mostly it’s the rate and how many I can finish within an hour.

Okay, so I know you’re probably like like me when I do magic rates are going to vary depending on on how far you have to drive how long you going to be there?

Yes. Oh, I like to find out the number of faces approximately that they want painted, the part of town because also I have other gigs booked. So I want to make sure that I can get to the other within a timely manner. I like to allow 45 minutes in between parties to get there. My setup is pretty small. I have a four foot table and then I have a stool so I probably take about a 4×4 4×5 space but I do ask that they allow enough room for a line to form.

So what questions do you wish your clients clients would ask?

Well, I mean, whether it’s me that they’re trying to hire or any other face artists in town. I wish they would ask if you have insurance if you have a business license, because it is important if they show up and poke an eye with a brush, you could be held liable and you don’t want that. I’m fully insured, I’ve been in business for a long time.

They should also be asking what kind of paint is being used. They don’t want someone that’s inexperienced to show up at their event.

They should be asking for either a website or photos of their work. It only takes a little bit of research. If they send you some photos that look very different from each other what’s on their website, there’s face paintings between very beginner level to super extreme than they may not be in to be truthful with what they’re advertising. So, you know just a little research, a little Google, check out the reviews things like that.

I would suggest that they make sure who’s coming to their birthday party or their corporate event is actually legit.

What kind of paints do you use and what kind of paints should be used?

acrylic paints and anything that’s not made for the skin should be avoided. Even though acrylic is non-toxic, it’s still not made for the skin. It doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. It’s basically made out of plastic. Not only does it look awful, but it’s bad for the skin you could end up with somebody getting a reaction from it. Lots of people who paint with acrylic and get it on their hands and it’s okay for a little while, but you just don’t want to be putting that on the child sensitive skin. I use only paints made for this the face and are FDA compliant like makeup that you would apply is made. So it’s safe for the skin. Of course anybody could have sensitive skin. So, I always ask clients in my contract, It says to if somebody feels like they might have too sensitive skin to do a patch test before we apply it to the face.

Do you have any tips that you would give to somebody planning event?

I would say, definitely plan ahead. Especially in the summer face painters do get booked up pretty far in advance. Sometimes there’s a couple hour window in there that they can squeeze you in but there’s only a few in Albuquerque so I would say plan ahead. Also if your party starts at 4:00 have your Entertainer show at 4:30 or 5 especially here in Albuquerque. I find that people just tend to show up late and so you don’t want to waste that half hour or hour with your Entertainer just entertaining the birthday kid or the the two relatives that showed up to help set up the party get the maximum benefit from your Entertainer.

That was actually my biggest tip as well as to plan ahead. I’ll leave the link to my birthday party planner below, and on the

Anything else you’d like to add?

Have a great summer make sure you ask all those fact finding questions face painting is great for any event. Kids love it adults love it. I did a 30 year old birthday party and she wasn’t going to turn 30 gracefully. So she had face painter, she had jumpy houses all for adults it was great. So it’s good for anything, adults and employees would love it. I’ve done, employee appreciation days it’s nice to act like a kid once in a while.

Well, that’s all for today, remember to like and subscribe. I’m Tall Paul reminding you to, Be kind to this day because it’s the only day of its kind.